Game Review: Cleveland 7 @ Minnesota 3

Twins-Cleveland 8.2009 3
Photo by Randy Stern

Rarely do I go with a group of folks with the ballgame. Co-workers, friends, members of a community or group I belong to – all seemingly rare for me.

How did I happen upon this occasion? The premise for this was to join in a big group outing at the Metrodome, sponsored by a local magazine that I had a brief stint with several months ago. The hook the magazine used on this occasion was a fundraiser for several groups, including a couple I currently associate with in the Twin Cities.

It began with a “tailgate” at a nearby hotel and ended somewhere inside the domed ballpark. I surrounded myself with friends, old and new, and strangers – all totaling about 100 or less. That was among the 33,931 that showed up out of a humid Saturday afternoon.

The group outing/fundraiser part wasn’t the only significant thing about this game. This would be my last Minnesota Twins home game inside the Metrodome. It’s not that I won’t be back inside said domed stadium – I have my obligation to my 1/20th share of a pair of Vikings season tickets to fulfill in November.

Not to mention this being my umpteenth time I’ve seen the Cleveland Indians inside this blasted ballpark. For the past five seasons, the Tribe simply showed up when I got the ballpark. You’d think I’d be sick of them already!

And, I was. The Tribe was ready after getting beaten to a pulp Friday night. However, they mustered up something furious coming into the FOX-televised game. It got so bad a friend of mine from our group had to leave to meet his significant other from work – before the Twins even scored. The Tribe was up 7-0 by that time.

As saving grace, we were treated to a Joe Mauer shot to center field. That made up for the first five-and-a-half innings and the two other runs scored since being pummeled by the Indians.

What a way to close out my five years of Twins baseball inside the Metrodome.

However, it’s not my last game of the season – let alone the last Twins game of 2009. Next month, I’ll be down in Kansas City for my first visit ever to The K. The Royals just happen to be playing the Twins when I’m down there. This will mark my fourth ballpark this season I attended for the first time.

I can be assured that my next Twins home game will be outside on the opposite side of downtown Minneapolis – at Target Field.


One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    I bet Target Field is going to be superb. I’d love to get a few bucks together and do a quick run through of some of the newer, nicer parks: Target, PNC, AT&T, PetCo. That would be sweet. Sorry the game didn’t go the best, but bad baseball and good beer/friends can sometimes be a great combo!

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