I Ain’t Dead Yet…

Two Bears 1

It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

A year away from this thing called MLBlogs. Many reasons I could parse out, but I just to kiss the ring of MLB Advanced Media LLC before I get back to discussing how NASCAR’s First Family wants to merge with the competition and kick the French out for good measure.

It is not that I’ve been away from baseball. It keeps on creeping up on me. Every time I walk through downtown Minneapolis, there was a Twins game happening. I did make it to one St. Paul Saints game – a July 4th “doubleheader” with the Minnesota Stars FC soccer team (defending NASL champions), where you start in St. Paul and end in Blaine. The only problem was the 100+ degree heat with a lack of real cooling and plenty of humidity. Besides, the Lincoln Saltdogs weren’t making things easier on the home Saints.

I did reconnect with the MLB. I heard that the Minnesota Twins Diversity team would participate in this year’s Twin Cities Pride parade. It stunned me. Yes, they allowed one of the magazines I write for, Lavender, to sponsor the “Out in the Stands” the last few years. Yes, they let LGBT fans inside Target Field (and the Metrodome) without any homophobic backlash. But, to have them match down Hennepin Avenue with T.C. on a bike – my mind exploded.

The Minnesota Twins at TC Pride

But, they did. This photo I took for Lavender appeared in the Pride photo issue of the magazine. It brought everything full circle. With that, I thank Miguel Ramos, Director of Emerging Markets, Alejandra Cabrera and their staff at the Minnesota Twins for being there at Pride.

My truth is this: I have not been to a Twins game this year. I have no desire. I’ve been deep in my automotive work to chase after informal car meets, car clubs, larger shows, media association events and driving the latest and greatest from around the Twin Cities down to Austin, Texas.

Yet, I’m not happy with the Commissioner’s Office. The Astros moving to the American league is ridiculous. And, wow, did the Collective Bargaining Agreement got fast tracked like it was nothing. Luckily, no one else has done “It Gets Better” PSAs since earlier this season. I guess we no longer care about bullied kids in school. Or, has Dan Savage wrapped his 15 minutes of high level celebrity?

This season looked compelling from a distance. The Washington Nationals are leading the NL East. The Cincinnati Reds are close to clinching the NL Central. And, Buck Showalter is getting his revenge on George Steinbrenner’s grave with the Orioles in in the midst of a good race in the AL East.

You want to talk about pennant races? You missed the finale of the IZOD IndyCar series. If Will Power did not go back behind the wall with Penske’s crew trying to fix the same problem again, Ryan Hunter-Reay may not have kissed the championship trophy.

You may argue for the Detroit Tigers-Chicago White Sox battle in the AL Central, but you could not make up a finale like the one that transpired in IndyCar last night. Not since the stunning death of Dan Wheldon a year ago in Las Vegas.

Randy Stern AKA Victory & Reseda 1

I will admit to one thing: I miss this. Not the game, mind you. Nor do I miss the state of things in the MLB. I miss my friends who write on this platform. I miss Jeff (Red State Blue State). Emma (Crzblue’s Dodge Blue World) was in town for SABR, but we missed each other. Mike (Brooklyn Trolley Blogger) is still doing his thing. We’re still connected on Twitter, but we rarely converse. I still miss them…as I miss you.

And, I thank you for your patience for a year off form this to say what I have to say.



    • Randy Stern

      I needed it, Jeff. My conversations with Miguel and Alejandra are pointing towards more involvement from the Diversity Team to reach out to the LGBT community. They are considering heavier involvement with Out in The Stands. I think it may all depend what happens in November with the marriage amendment and the mood of Twins Territory. We could lose what was gained.

      Sadly, Yunel Escobar has not helped matters…

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