The End…Yet Again

The World Series is over. The St. Louis Cardinals won in seven games. The Heirloom shut down too soon…but, this Series drew me back in.

It was a good series. Claws, antlers and squirrels…that’s all you need, really. Beards that make Brian Wilson and anyone in a Stanley Cup final blush. Heroes that rose to the occasion – David Freese and Mike Napoli – that made this Series engaging and worth watching.

This was the Series we’ve been waiting for. The Cards were written off in August, citing the pre-season drama with Albert Pujols. The Rangers weren’t even given a chance especially with an 800-pound gorilla named the New York Yankees. Then, what…the postseason yielded some surprises as welcomed as the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Sadly, there were letdowns. These are the same letdowns that caused me to no longer write on this subject, such as enduring Joe Buck and Tim McCarver for yet another FOX broadcast. Perhaps that’s the biggest thing about this Series.

Now what? On Halloween, Tony LaRussa retired as the Cards’ manager. Then, Theo Epstein canned Mike Quade as the Chicago Cubs’ manager. All of the sudden, we have a few managerial vacancies to fill. Names such as Ryne Sandberg and Terry Franconia have popped up in places we never thought possible.

Then, there are the awards. I’m half-heartedly following them – with hopes of a Matt Kemp NL MVP and a Clayton Kershaw of the NL’s Cy Young Award winner. In all, my time with baseball is pretty much complete. The Free Agency market may look lucrative with some big names coming through for the taking. Who really has the money to pay these guys? Not Frank McCourt. Oh, and let’s not forget the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations and the insipid proposals over realignment and postseason formatting.

Meanwhile, in the wake of a disappointing Minnesota Twins season, two champions emerge from this region: The Minnesota Lynx (WNBA Champions) and the NSC Minnesota Stars (NASL Soccer Cup Champions). Oddly enough, the Twins bought 500 tickets to the home opener of the NASL Championship Series at the National Sports Center in Blaine – the home pitch of the Stars. Odd, indeed…

As the certainty in my life changes yet again, I can only hope that 2012 yields some clarity in the game. This game – at least Major League Baseball – has challenged my patience multifold. Maybe someday I will embrace this with open arms. But, I’m OK now.

Stay in touch, dear MLBlog friends. I’m not far away from the action…



  1. Sue Taylor from Facebook

    It was a good series – have to admit it usually all washes right by me but mom’s been a Cardinals fan since she was a kid, so I got more involved than usual. Thinking of supporting a minor league team next year. Go Bakersfield Blaze!

    • Randy Stern

      Sue – Bakersfield? OK, Advanced-A class leagues are very competitive, and the Cal League is pretty good. But, don’t you and Ian live in the Monterey Peninsula? That would mean you could root for the San Jose Giants. 🙂

      • Sue Taylor from Facebook

        Huh – that sent me on a little research bender – didn’t even know San Jose had a minor league team! Then there’s the Modesto Nuts and the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Visalia Rawhide… see? Doesn’t it sound more fun than major league already? (btw – back in the valley as of a few months ago.)

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