“Moneyball” – The Reviews are Coming In…

Movie Trailer courtesy of Columbia Pictures via YouTube

I’m not a movie person. Nor do I like attending the big screen to watch them. I leave that for everyone else to do.

I do know movie critics. My friends Alonso Duralde (The Wrap), Dave White (Movies.com) and Chris Hewitt (St. Paul Pioneer Press) are the ones I go to, if on the oft chance of wanting to watch a film. Their opinions, sometimes divergent amongst the three, are taken under strong consideration.

Now that the story of how Billy Beane made a mockery of the scouting and player selection process – in turn giving the Oakland A’s a fighting chance a few years ago – has been made into a movie (based on the book of the same title), it is our chance to view whether Brad Pitt can play one of the most controversial general managers of our game.

If you’re curious how the film press views “Moneyball,” check these reviews out…
Alonso Duralde – The Wrap
Dave White – Movies.com
Chris Hewitt – St. Paul Pioneer Press

From what I read so far, it’s probably worth watching…

…and, speaking of Alonso and Dave, they do a podcast called “Linoleum Knife” where they share their reviews with you from their home in Los Angeles (somewhere). Go to iTunes and find them…



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