Game Review: Minnesota 7 vs. Chicago (AL) 4

Game Action - Twins-v-White Sox 7/16/10 2
Photos by Randy Stern

I’ll admit it – I love storylines! This game had them…

First off, the reason for attending this particular Twins-White Sox tilt at Target Field was to be a part of a larger group (approximately 500 people) sponsored by Lavender magazine (and Ameriprise), whom I did some articles for over a year ago. Last year, I went to the same event held by said magazine with a smaller number of folks from the gay community. This time, I bought two seats – the other for a local friend who also loves sports.

Gradually, I began to see other friends from the community as part of this group. We figured it’s the best for us to share our love for the game instead of guessing which games we’ll show up for and how to get seats together. This season had been a challenge to get folks together for Twins games.

On the field, Francisco Liriano started for the home side against Gavin Floyd. Every time the Venezuelan pitched – he would disappoint. Yet, the buzz had been positive this season for a resurrected Liriano. Would this newly confident and winning Liriano show up on this evening? I was not confident that would be the case.

Out in The Stands 2010 11Out in The Stands 2010 2

Still, I had to contend with my fellow gay folks in the right field stands. Last year was great since I mainly hung out with my fellow subcultural buds (called “Bears” in case you’re not freaked out by open and frank discussions of GLBT fans on this blog). This year, it was just a few friends – though I did get into some good conversations with others in attendance. The original 400-seat allotment sold out so quickly, Lavender was lucky to get from the Twins an additional 100 more tickets, but these seats were spread out in two different parts of the ballpark.

In the meantime, there was a game to talk about. A Twins win – to begin with. Last night, though, I saw two teams: Both happen to be the Twins. There was the Twins’ squad that was capable of scoring runs in bunches making life hard for opponents. That first squad also included a strong performance by Liriano. He certainly regained my confidence in him again.

Then, there was the other Twins squad. What we witnessed was a team that wastes opportunities by miscues and sloppy fielding. This was also a squad that lets their opponents back into games by inconsistent relief. Funny thing: Everyone was hyped about Jon Rauch being the closer after Joe Nathan was considered out for the season. He looked good at my first Twins’ home game at Target Field. Last night – Rauch was nothing short of horrible. Jesse Crain had to come in and mop up the mess.

Michael Cuddyer on the Win

A win’s a win. Better still, a win over the White Sox! For a larger victory, the 500 folks that showed up for being “Out in The Stands” this year. To the majority of the remaining 40,000-plus who were in attendance (namely, Twins fans), thank you for not making life hell for us 500!



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I watched today’s game…the ChiSox are tightening up their act. Any chance the Twins make a move within the next two weeks? After all..these aren’t Pohlad’s Twins anymore…right? Don’t sweat it dude, you, your buds and bears are cool wit’ me. The same rule applies to everyone; give respect ~ get respect. You do bleed red right?

  2. redstatebluestate

    Great story! Cracked up at the “bears” part… I have a buddy who’s considered a “bear” and every time we go out on the town he calls it a “bear-crawl”. LOL. Besides that, let me just say how awesome it is to see Twins fans out under the sun light! Wow! I was down on the new stadium before the season started but seeing how much difference it makes on the faces of the people in attendance, I’m all for it.

  3. theheirloom

    Mike, if I knew what’s going on in Bill Smith’s mind right now, I’d work for a media outlet! 🙂

    No, seriously, there is a debate whether we needed a starting pitcher, a reliever or a position player to stay in contention. Since Cliff Lee is off the market – who knows what the Pohlads or Bill Smith has in mind before the deadline?

    And, the last time I checked, Mike, my blood is still red.

    Geez, Jeff, I should warn you to hide during Memorial Day Weekend when Chicago is swarmed with them dudes!

    The good thing about seeing the sunny, smiling faces at Target Field is the average per game attendance is up from the Metrodome – no crowd under 37,000 for the entire seaso!. What will keep this momentum up is awarding the All-Star Game in 2012 to Target Field. That will keep season ticket holders at the 24,000 level or more through the end of that season. It will make group sales impossible for the magazine to coordinate future events such as Friday night’s…as well my getting my precious few seats for individual games.

    And, for both Mike and Jeff – fifteen years ago, I got indoctrinated into that subculture. It’s funny how it’s becoming mainstreamed into GLBT culture with paeans towards general society. We have Kevin Smith to blame for the latter…(debates welcomed…)

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